I bought some enchroma color blind correction glasses

Yep, just as the title states I went and grabbed a pair of enchroma glasses (of course). They’re not cheap at all, but this is because they’re such a valuable item. Words on this page won’t do my experience wearing these for the first time any justice, but i’ll do my best. I found the color corrective glasses on colorblindcorrectionglasses.com/. When I put on the glasses there was a drastic change to the degree of colors I could perceive. I saw shades of purple I never even knew existed! Pinks, blues and other vibrant colors stood out especially and my garden looked outstanding.

The glasses were for outdoor use so my garden looked outstanding. My bushes appeared vibrant instead of the usual dullness that I see and I could finally appreciate roses in all their beauty. With these colorblind glasses the grass is greener on the other side (literally). I tried them indoors too and re-watching some television shows was mind-blowing. I watched some episodes of game of thrones again and saw all the colors in great detail. All I could say was “woah” with my eyes fixated on the screen. Some of my favourite films also were a great watch while wearing these glasses.

They’re made by a company called enchroma who specialise in creating glasses for the colorblind, I found some reviews here before making my choice on which pair to grab colorblindcorrectionglasses.com/enchroma-review/. After improving my eyesight with laser eye surgery, these glasses have added the finishing touch and now my color vision is improved too! How lucky I am to live in such a time where we can improve such defects with ease and just a little bit of money.

They come in many stylish styles too so don’t think you’ll be wearing a pair of massive unfashionable spectacles. They literally look like a normal pair of glasses because the technology is all in the lenses, which are normal sized. They work through some sort of light filtering mechanism to help people with red-green color blindness and possible people with other types too. It’s definately worth a look to see if you an improve your type of color vision too. There’s probably more on this on their website if you’re interested.