Contact lenses and glasses

Before I got laser eye surgery I gave contact lenses another shot after my glasses broke from wear and tear. They’re a little uncomfortable indeed, but I do see the value in them. Instead of having constant pressure on the tip of my nose and ears there’s nothing, what a relief! I also no longer saw frames at every corner of my vision which is a huge bonus.

Getting them in during the first week was a nightmare though. It takes a while to get the hang of it. I actually tried for nearly an hour the first time before I managed to succeed and get both of the contact lenses to stick on my eyeballs. We’ve got eyelids for a reason after all. The trick is to use your finger next to your middle finger to pull the bottom eyelid down, then your middle finger to pull your top eyelash up. Then look straight ahead, and with the contact lense on your other hands middle finger put it on the white of your eyeball. It’s the best method I found and you get the hang of it after it a while.

It’s worth the effort though. They last about 8 hours for me before my eyes got a bit too irritated to wear them any longer and I needed to put my glasses back on. But during them 8 hours the comfort was great and my vision was actually much clearer. Give them a go if you have the chance! Or just skip this and go for laser eye surgery to fix the problem if you have the money to spare. It’s worth it.