Colorblindness and laser eye surgery

I’m Seiwakai, and I unfortunately I suffer from color blindness. I was born with red-green colorblindness and until recently have had no idea what it is like for normal people to see the world with fully functional eyesight. Here in this blog i’ll be laying down some facts about my condition that you may not know and could find interesting. I’ll share some of my own experiences so you may easier relate to what I experience.

Even though I’m colorblind I know have perfect 20/20 vision due to laser eye surgery, which i’m very thankful for! It was a very scary process and I was tempted to get one eye done at a time to minimise the already tiny risk of damaging both eyes, but I jumped right in and everything turned out fine. If you’re debating it, do it! It’s the best thing I have ever bought by far.

There was next to no pain apart from a little dryness and sensitivity to light. Dealing with the minor side effects is nothing compared to getting the eyesight of an eagle! To be able to walk down the street and actually get to see people’s faces is a wonderous thing. My glasses never really did the trick so this was a big shock to see what I was missing out on. It’s like life has been upgraded from standard definition to 4K high definition everywhere, if you can imagine that.

Now that’s fixed, hopefully I and many others out there like me will find a way to restore my ability to see colors. In my next post i’ll talk about a truly outstanding new gadget I bought relating to my condition. See you then.